PROJECT // Prières écoromantiques
This residency is an opportunity for exploration and research for projects in gestation. Two key concepts have emerged from Mycelium’s work in the past year: fairy-science and performagic. Fairy-science, inspired by the expansive concept of SF as described by Haraway, is an approach to storytelling that takes seriously the contribution of fairies, non-human entities, the intangible and the mysterious to the creative process. Performagy, inspired by Jodorowsky’s psychomagy, refers to the healing potential of the living arts when practiced ritually. Having long been a devotee of ecosexuality, as proposed by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens, the summer of 2023 will be an opportunity for the artist to commit with greater fervour and devotion to ecoromance, hoping to touch and soften through loving passion the multiple contradictions that haunt him when it comes to environmental justice.

BIO // Mycelium is an independent researcher-artist who plays in cheap backyard art. It does live art and radio, through the Audio Smut collective on CKUT. It focuses primarily on magic, ecosexuality and childhood sexual abuse (CSA), having created an in-kind retreat by and for queer and trans survivors of CSA (Project Lichen) in collaboration with arts therapist ME Louis. It works with puppetry through, among other things, the self-managed collective residency Puppet à mouche – it is with two of its collaborators and friends, Aunerade Baguaece and Lari Jalbert, that it created its latest performance, BORBORO which was presented at OFFTA (2023).

Photo credit: Aunerade Baguaece