photo credit: Denis Martin



This new dance + sound creation centres around physical themes of destruction and restoration in relation to pleasure.
Inspired by the physical sensations and sound triggers of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), we will explore the relationships between pleasure, sound and sight and how the connection of these senses generates a bodily and emotional response. It will be enhanced using contact and line microphones to investigate the idea of the body as a container/converter of sound in relationship to the physical space inhabited. We will experiment using liquids (oil, gels, water) with tarps, ropes, ceramic and other textured objects to feed our sonic explorations. I am interested in finding sustentation in destabilizing the comfort and tendencies of the dancers and the public. 


photo credit : Jonathan Malenfant

BIO // Rachelle Bourget is a contemporary dance artist originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been developing her artistic practice over several years, working with numerous choreographers (ENTITEY – jason martin, VIVUS – James Viveiros, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Riley Sims) and through the creation of solo works, mainly AFTER THE CAUSE. Interested in using themes that touch on darker emotional experiences, her work centres around a deep introspection of these reflections and their bodily impressions, creating environments where the public can resonate and reject simultaneously.

Jonathan Goulet: Sound design
Luce Lainé + Kyana Lyne: Interpreters
Sara Hanley: Artistic advisor
Mathieu Leroux: Dramaturge
Future residencies/support for the project: LA SERRE – Arts Vivants, Tangente – LABdiff