Photo credit: Moe Clark and Sonia Bustos by David Wong


PROJECT // Luz : Écho

Luz : Écho is a performative installation, the last part of the LUZ triptych. This project was born from the desire and urgency to convey acts of healing in the face of patriarchal violence. How do we heal our bodies after experiencing sadness and fear? After struggling and speaking out, how do we turn pain into light? 

The creative exercise consists of creating three pieces that are based on the same artistic concern, that start out with the same lines of research and that will evolve in different ways depending on the contexts of the staging. By creating the triptych, we wish to create evolving pieces that are constantly being fed, but which will necessarily have their own processes.

We seek to encourage sharing and participation, to inhabit diverse spaces and to connect with diverse communities. The project seeks to instil hope and strength, to move towards rituals that aspire to illuminate our bodies with unforgettable flowers.

Collaborators: Moe Clark, Yohayna Hernández, Andréane Leclerc, Catherine FP and Laura-Rose R. Grenier.

Luz : Dentelle (Tangente, 2021) and Luz : Terre (OFFTA, Phénomena, 2021) were supported by CAC, CALQ, Accès Culture Montréal, LA SERRE – arts vivants, CCOV, Place des Arts and Jouer dehors.

BIO // Sonia Bustos is a performing artist of Mexican origin, based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal). Her interests are strongly linked to socio-political engagement and the recognition of the performer’s creative work. Sonia focuses her artistic research on feminist perspectives, the third root in Latin America, memory, theatricality and sharing with the public. Constant elements of her work are: composition from body states, the use of voice/text, the presence of memory-bearing objects and non-danced body approaches (e.g. embroidery).

Sonia has performed for Nadère arts vivants, Les Sœurs Schmutt, Danza Contemporánea Universitaria and the interdisciplinary group GKO. She is the performer-creator of  Intérieur brut, Je ne vais pas inonder la mer, as well as the triptych composed of Luz : Dentelle, Luz : Terre and Luz : Écho (in progress).

Sonia holds a Master’s degree in dance from UQAM and a Licence in theatre from UNAM.

Photo credit: David Wong
Photo credit: Moe Clark, Yohayna Hernandez, Sonia Bustos, Natalia Telentso and Andréane Leclerc by David Wong
Photo credit: David Wong