Photo credit: 7Starr par Mélika Dez


April 10 to 14, 2023 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.)
Full week rate: 85$ with Services Québec support / 165$ regular rate
*Drop-in class rate: 
22$ with Service Québec / 35$ if non-eligible
Language of instruction: French
Questions can also be answered in English
: 23 people, priority for full week attendance
Open to artists of all disciplines


*Drop-ins welcome  Payment by credit card or e-transfer on site the morning of, if capacity allows (no reservations).

By registering for a workshop, you agree to cancel your participation if you have symptoms or suspect you may have COVID-19. Please read the Participant Engagement before registering. Thank you!

Krump VIIZION is an experience that allows participants to dive into the Krumper 7Starr philosophy.

The workshop consists of a tour of the basics in the form of drills, and pushes dancers to tap into their creativity through elements of the street dance culture.

The workshop explores the basic concepts of Krump while exploring the different ways they are transmitted in different contexts. Alter-ego, dialogue and creativity are themes that will correlate throughout the week.

We will generally begin the classes with a warm up to awaken the whole body and to activate sensitivity to our space and to other individuals. The type of and rhythms used are generally varied and are not always Krump. However, the basic techniques and vocabulary will be explained to Krump music with high intensity and volumes seeking to push the participants physically.

Some exercises will be done in sub-groups but not necessarily with contact. But rather in the form of a face to face exchange, battle style. 

All instructions are given orally followed by a demonstration. There are also movement sequences that will be explained to the participants to allow them to become familiar with the language. The pace can easily be adapted to the needs of the participants. Sessions usually end with a stretching period followed by a discussion. There may be some barriers for people with limited mobility.

Vladimir “7Starr” Laurore
is an internationally renowned Krump artist. He co-founded the Bzerk Squad, the first Krump dance troupe in Canada and in 2008, the Gutta Zone, the first major festival of the genre in the country. He is known for his community involvement and has also launched his musical career in 2021 with his solo album entitled: ”Diff Diff”.